Hi Dr G
I can't thank you enough! The 'new' old night guard is SO much more comfortable ! It is hard to believe the difference . It moves differently and my jaw muscles are not so tight. All in all a better nights sleep??

Your dedication and persistence, your skill and care for what you do are unmatched!

Love from,


“Life changing…”Kurtis Lee Thomas

Listen to his story...

Dear Dr. Glassman,thank you
I cried yesterday.
I took some photos and overwhelming emotions really hit me.  Since then, I’ve been trying to find the words to express my gratitude.  When I looked at the photos, I immediately understood why I had hated being photographed, why I always thought my sister was so much more photogenic and why I refused to answer any FaceTime calls.  I can no longer say, “I take bad pictures.”
You didn’t just craft a new teeth and smile - I can actually see the structure of my entire face has changed dramatically.  While I’ve always been a confident person, my new smile has elevated me to whole other level. You are truly not just a dentist and I can authentically echo what other patients have said: you really are an extraordinarily, gifted artist, who goes above and beyond for his patients.  I know this first hand, as everyone adjusted schedules and stayed late on my behalf, yet other obligations were equally important.  The incredible care and thoughtfulness, from initally calling for an appointment through post-procedure did not go unnoticed and in fact, exceeded beyond any expectation.
I’m really looking forward to going back home to NYC tomorrow, however I’m equally looking forward to coming back to see you and everyone in the office in three months.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for changing my life forever!!!!  I can’t wait to tell you the stories of the reactions from my family and friends! :)
See you soon!!  Smiling happily!!
All my best,

You didn't get lucky Dr. Glassman. You are such a humble human being with such incredibly humbling skills and expertise. Congratulations on the well deserved recognition. I couldn't be happier for you! I also hope you and Jennifer are doing well, the house is still being built on schedule and the all the Glassman family pets and horses are enjoying the beautiful summer!

Unfortunately I had a bit of a serious accident and have effectively ruined my right hand with a pinky fracture and several soft tissue injuries on my other fingers. I'm going into surgery on Wednesday and I'll know after that if I have a future in Dentistry. Maybe I'll have to switch hands or something. Regardless, you were one of the best and most inspirational teachers I've ever had. I don't say that lightly and I have an immense amount of respect for you. If I need to relearn everything with my left hand I hope you won't mind me seeking your guidance.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and sharing this latest triumph of yours with me. It always makes me so hopeful to see good people like you do great things for this world.



You are the man!!  Wife happy and general public very impressed.  I truly enjoyed the experience if such a thing is possible.  Wife is maybe needing a peridontal surgery around an implant crown - do not know if she should do first or come to you first?  Leaving for a big mtg in 2 days and out of touch but may contact you for your thoughts.  Thanks soooo much for your wonderful work.   John
Hi Dr. Glassman, seanJust wanted to share with you the first 'official' picture of me smiling properly in a picture in, honestly, I couldn't tell you how long.  It's got to be years and years.  But there it is.  Miracles do happen! I know we're not done yet but I want to thank you.  I don't have the words to express how grateful I am to you, but I feel like the old me is coming back in a big way and I owe that all to you and Jenn (and of course Mic), but mostly you because of the time you've given up and the hours and hours of work you've done for me.  I don't know how I'll ever repay you.  The impact this has had on me already is enormous. Mic always used to point out how during conversation I'd slowly take steps back from whomever I was speaking to so that they didn't get too close a view of my teeth and it is so nice not to have to do that anymore.  I'm still getting used to smiling properly again and to be able to do it without feeling so unbelievably self-conscious is a beautiful feeling. Everyone has noticed the change and think my teeth look amazing.  I'm not going to lie, I've probably spent more than a few hours staring at them in the mirror! So, again, thank you.  I'm eternally grateful. Sean.
We could talk about him for dayz…he is ,the chosen, the God send, a wonder in this time, no body like him…the ethics, the concern and love for his daily grind and the non-appreciative patients (some of them I’m sure)…and yet, disguised as a mortal man who walks among us, he is not recognized for his true nature and identity as DOCTOR SUPERMAN…able to bridge bad teeth with a single move, to jump high abscesses seemingly effortless.  Yes, a truly unique and special person who came to this planet to spread health and wellness with true understandable care, concern and heartfelt attention.   May he be here and who he truly is for many years to come. Love you, stay well and most importantly, stay hip. (as Eli Wallach said to Yul Brenner in the “Magnificent Seven”…"RIDE ON”)   -Marc
  Hello Dr. Glassman, I just wanted to thank you for the honors nomination. You were really helpful and I appreciated you trying to help us out, even staying after class hours. I learned a lot from you, especially what it is like in real life! We are not told what dentistry is like outside out of fourth floor lab. I am really glad you will be around next quarter. Thank you so much for your help this quarter and if you aren't teaching our class or our bench instructor I definitely be swinging by and saying hi. Once again thank you and I hope you have a great break! Jean K.
I wanted to thank you guys for getting me in and always taking such good care. I think everything is falling into place . it all feels much better. Happy man! Just wanted you to know.. xoxox Donovan
Thank you, Dr. Glassman! I'm thrilled! Feels so good to have a tooth again! And such a beautiful one! I LOVE IT!! Thank you!! Robyn C.
Rick, I saw Sharlene this morning. She has been my hygienist for many years. She also took care of Jennifer’s teeth. She has been a loyal employee of Dr. Levine for many years and then after he died 6 years ago she stayed with the take over guy, Dr. Hessam Nowzari’s periodontics where I have my teeth cleaned every 3-4 months. When she saw what you had done she was very excited. She called in two other workers to look at the job and they were all very complimentary. They liked the finished work and the color. Sharlene said you did a great job. They took my picture as well. She is always looking for a goof referral and she is familiar with your work since she has treated other patients of yours in the past. She just erroneously thought you had retired when you left Beverly Hills. I made sure she knew you were still very active and at a great location at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. I told her that if she had a patient who lived in BH, its easy to get to your place and well worth the drive. So I want to really thank you for that fantastic result. I am still contemplating the “Pinholster” procedure. But after being in the dental chair last year and this year I want to just rest and not rush into anything. But since you always told me you would look at my mouth and give me an estimate of any future work, before I ever have anything done with the gums, I will definitely call you. Hopefully for my bank account that won’t be until 2015 or 2016. Again, you are a terrific dentist. Ron
Dear Dr. Rick, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "It is not often you will hear "I love my dentist" but I love my dentist, Dr. Rick! And Dr. Rick is more than a dentist, he is a creative force who listens to each patient and treats each patient as the individual they are, not the cookie cutter chiklets teeth paycheck other dentists treat patients. Dr. Rick not only made sure my teeth in the back (the ones you don't see) are perfect AND healthy, but fixed my slowly erroding front teeth with perfectly natural looking veneers. My front teeth had eroded to a shortness that was causing a speech impediment; and I'm a singer so this was a 2 fold problem. And I did not want the standard everybody else teeth. Rick listened to what I wanted and the result is, no speech impediment, beautiful smile (that friends have now copied), better singing voice AND healthier teeth and gums (yes those gums are very important!). If you ever make a decision that really counts, you need to make sure Dr. Rick is "caring" for your teeth - he will make sure it is done correctly, expertly and with precision. After all you won't know if it is done right until too late - so opt for the best, DR. RICK!I could go on and on about how ecstatic I am about my Dentist, Dr. Rick, but find out for yourself! Don’t short change your teeth care! Kim F.
Show me a better dentist on the face of the Earth and I will show you the madness of your imagination!!! I approach my teeth and all of life for that matter with the eye and fanaticism of an Art Director, I am naturally, and have been trained, to focus on detail and push the limits of what is possible where visuals are concerned. Never did I expect to find an artist, a master craftsman, an ally in my desire for beautiful and also natural looking teeth.....and yet I have! I couldn't feel more trusting of Dr. Glassman than if my own family member was advising or doing the work. It has been ten years and lots of well lead journeys. Gratitude for this guy is putting it mildly. At this point I forget ask for the mirror to look at what he has done because I just know it will be right. It is rare that you find anyone with as much skill and passion as Dr. Glassman has for his his work. I think he is once in a generation.......oh and he is the coolest person to boot. Jeff S.
Dr. Rick is great! I've been a patient for over 10 years. In 2006 I was involved in an auto accident that destroy my front teeth. With his attention to detail and expertise Dr. Rick saved me from having to have my 4 front teeth extracted. He referred me to the perfect Oral Surgeon and Endodontist and gave me a perfect set of pearly whites. I love my teeth! I love my smile! I love Dr. Rick! Patricia M.
Dr. Rick Glassman is a magician! What was once a growing gap between my two front teeth is now not only closed, but the porcelain work he did on my teeth has given me an incredible smile. As an actor, a great smile is truly an asset. Mine looks completely natural and I get compliments on it all the time. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Glassman's work! Lisa M.
Dr. Rick Glassman is an exceptional dentist whose work is more than excellent and his cost is reasonable. He is extremely nice and friendly and he cured me of my fear of dentists. Ina Z.
Dr. Rick Glassman is the BEST! He's been my dentist for over 20 years, and besides the fact that I often get compliments on the appearance of my teeth, he's also done phenomenal work to the teeth in the back that you can't see (expertly repairing cracked molars, etc., with the goal of making them last indefinitely). He's a perfectionist and does beautiful work...and he's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I've enthusiastically recommended him to several friends over the years and they've all been extremely pleased with their results as well. He truly has a gift.
 Patty S.
Dr. Rick Glassman is the best dentist in L.A. He pays close attention to detail, is incredibly knowledgeable about all the latest procedures and makes everyone look their best and you will leave with a perfect smile.
Maggie M.
My family and I have gone to Dr. Glassman for many years and have always received superb treatment. He is an expert dentist with top notch skills and excellent judgment. On more than one occasion, he has solved challenging dental problems for me with creative solutions. He is a pleasure to have as a dentist. I recommend him highly. Seth M.
I fly from San Francisco to have Dr Glassman take care of my teeth. I arrived in his office several years ago with many problems, caused by old amalgam fillings that had deteriorated. Other dentists had failed to detect the dangers and had simply sent me for root canals and crowns. Not Dr Glassman. He want to save living teeth! He saw right away that 2 additional teeth had fillings that looked suspicious. He removed the defective fillings, replacing them with his trademark: highly technically crafted gold onlays. Because gold is softer than the old amalgam, upper and lower teeth adjust to each other more easily, which avoids cracking. Because of my years with Dr Glassman, my teeth work so much better together. He is a meticulous craftsman, but even more, a real artist whose deep knowledge of dental fundmentals makes him able to devise solutions for problem teeth. The results are truly amazing,
 Lenore H.
Dr. Rick is a consummate professional, a talented artist and a professional who loves what he does. I would recommend him without a moment's hesitation. He cares very much for his patients and is a doctor they can trust.
 Lila D.
Dr. Rick Glassman is not just a dentist, he is an artist. His work is beautiful and he makes it almost pleasurable to sit in a dental chair. He is knowledgable, reliable and the work he does is reasonably priced. I highly recommend him without reservation.
E. Lynn M.
He is the best dentist I ever had in my life. I have seen him for over two years now. I had some treatment done at the other dentists while ago and I needed some more work done, because the other dentist's treatment was not complete. I asked around my friends about their dentists and one of my close friend recommended Dr. Glassman. He did extraction of two teeth, then implanted titanium posts and crowns. I never had been looking forward to going to the dentist before, but Dr. Glassman is an exception. Dr. Glassman really cares about the patient like a member of his family. He explained every detail and answer all my questions I had and he was making sure if I was comfortable with everything he was doing. And being in his chair was really comfortable. He gives all patient his cell phone number and email address just in case for the emergency situation. He works with many famous actors. He is a passionate artist and an amazing doctor. I highly recommend him. Kazuhiro T.
I've seen a gamut of dental professionals since the early 80's from NYC to LA, but have never encountered a talent and professional like Dr. Rick Glassman. If measured singularly by his skills as a scientist, he'd more than excel above his peers. Beyond honing his craft to artform, his passion for the work brims amid an amiable personality and dedication to deliver exceptional results and comfort for his patients. And while Dr. Rick is "the dentist to the stars", you wouldn't know it sitting in his chair, as he respects all of his patient's needs equally, including the advent of financial limitations. His staff is also in lock step with his professional integrity, which never fails to remind you that running a business successfully isn't only about delivering the best quality product or service, it's also about identifying and training the best resources to do likewise. Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Rick Glassman as a dental professional! Ira L.
If there is such a thing as looking forward to going to a DDS Rick Glassman is the "one"..! Dr. Glassman is a great diagnostician and problem solver who never rushes to judgement. He is conservative in his approach and takes every step possible rather than rushing to judgement. Dr. Glassman will never "sell" an unneeded procedure. Unlike other practitioners he is an architect, artist and technician that encompasses precision in all his efforts. Never complain about the possibility of waiting extra time to be treated by Dr. Glassman...rather trust the fact that when you sit in his chair he is dedicating his time to you in the same professional manner....he will never rush his work. He and his precise work is worth waiting for...! Further, his dental assistant Kathleen is the best. In my opinion they create a sense of comfort and communication like no other dental office in town. I feel very fortunate in being under the care of Dr. Glassman and am very proud to recommend him...treat him as great as he will you..! Bill G.
The absolute best. A true artist in his field. He is not only personable and informative but also a perfectionist in his work. Highly recommended by a fellow perfectionist! Robin H.
I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Dr. Glassman for ANY procedure within the purview of his dental practice. I have needed Herculean help over the years maintaining a dreary set of teeth and I can testify that his knowledge, expertise, innovative approaches and skill set are second to none. I was one of his earliest implant patients and never felt any hestitation in putting my complete trust into his hands. Dr. Glassman has a true passion for what he does and it shows in his stellar work, dedication to cutting edge techniques and his quest to always expand on his already formidable talents. And besides all that, he's a great guy and easily approachable for questions, concerns and explanations. Clark P.
When I was 19, I chipped my front tooth and had several dentists try bonding. My tooth had been ground done so much Dr. Glassman recommended a veneer. My tooth was very sensitive, but he took his time and I had no pain and the tooth looked wonderful. Fast forward 25 years, because I had no problems until I cracked the veneer biting on an apple. I went back to Dr. Glassman, even though I now live in Oklahoma and had 7 veneers put on. I wish I lived closer so that I could have him be my regular dentist. Anne P.
Dr. Glassman is one of the most respected dentists in Los Angeles, as evidenced by his long list of celebrity clientele. Think of any of Hollywood’s most famous and iconic smiles and chances are he has had a hand in creating it. But the best part about Dr. Glassman is that he treats everyone, regardless of their star status, like they are his most important patient. He is a perfectionist and an artist who can seemingly fix any dental problem without sacrificing cosmetics. My sister was so impressed with his work on me that she made several trips from Denver to get an implant and a cap on one of her front teeth. For the first time in her adult life her synthetic front tooth (and surrounding gum tissue) is indistinguishable from her real front tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Glassman to anyone who wants to look like a movie star, even if they aren’t one. Joe G.
Dr. Glassman is an artist, he aims for dental greatness and hits the mark every time.  He is trustworthy, consistent, reliable and to boot he is the nicest guy.  I highly recommend him to anybody that looks for outstanding dentistry service and results. Leonardo C.
I have had the joy and satisfaction of being Dr. Rick Glassman patient since 1995. He has treated me (and my family and friends) for cosmetic as well as general dental issues. Dr Glassman is an exceptionally caring individual, and professionally, I consider him a true artist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Glassman provides you with the best dental care available anywhere and at reasonable prices. Furthermore, his staff is professional, cheerful and friendly. I could not recommend him more highly. Thank you Rick for giving me a great smile! Jerry D.
Best dentist you will ever find. Takes great pride in his work and results. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. Highly recommend! Christian A.
I have recommended so many folks to Dr. Glassman. He is an artist, a gentleman, and a spectacular dentist.  I feel very grateful to have met him, and cannot say enough good things about him-- he is someone who will take extraordinary care of you, and go the extra mile to make sure it's perfect.  He is a prize.
 Raphael S.
Rick Glassman is gifted as a dentist. He loves what he does and his passion for his work, his patients, and new advances in dentistry are evident in every step of the process. I have gone to Rick for over 20 years and have only had superlative results. He is truly and artist! Joanna K.
I absolutely love my new smile! Everyone is so impressed at how natural it looks. I've been telling everyone how you were able to place the veneers without removing any tooth structure. No one (including myself) knew this could be done. Thank you for creating such a beautiful smile and helping me to preserve my natural teeth for many years to come. I love my knew bite, I finally have guidance! You truly are an artist and the best dentist I have have ever been to. I will be telling everyone of your expertise. Laura W.