It’s the bubbles… Carbonation is no friend to your teeth!

We all agree the bacteria living in your mouth, especially in between our teeth (see “Floss2BFree“) gets excited by sugars and their excretory byproduct “poop” is acidic and will demineralize enamel over time and then decay develops.

It’s the low PH or an Acidic environment that’s the problem.

But we also need to realize that carbonation breaks down to carbonic acid and water.

So…. Even plain water with a fizz, ie Perrier is bad – especially for roots with recession causing erosion.

It’s NOT just the sugar it’s the Bubbles.

We all suspect soda pop is bad for us but so is sparkling water. So when your server says still or bubbles? Say still!

Neutralize your mouth after consuming seemingly innocent things like tea, (tannic acid) coffee, orange and fruit juices, and vinegar, (all citric acid), beer and the worst of all carbonated Monster and Rockstar energy Drinks – bubbles, and caffeine (which causes clenching) with a water chaser and do it by vigorously drawing still water thru your teeth – repeatedly- and swallow (good hydration is essential) until it tastes like you not what you ate or drank.

The byproduct of most bleaching agents (Carbamide Peroxide) is water and Carbonic Acid  – just like diet soda! So…. Don’t over bleach your teeth or they will go “frosty” and stain more easily and be weakened!

Carbonation robs your muscles of calcium, causing an imbalance away from relaxation and shifts us toward contraction, tension and “leg cramps”- that’s bad. It will also cause bruxers to brux. Any additional teeth grinding is very bad (see the “The Day Guard“).

So rethink the tiny bubbles and acidity – it’s basic!