About Rick


Described by his patients as “a true artist,” “exceptionally caring” and “the best dentist I ever had” (to cite only a few glowing testimonials), Dr. Rick Glassman focuses on Advanced Restorative Dentistry, which combines endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics to treat diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures.After three decades in practice, Dr. Glassman is uninterested in passing fads and keeps the focus where it belongs: on the patient. He works hard to make sure procedures are the least invasive possible, while keeping cosmetic and cost issues in mind – all to ensure maximum health, satisfaction and comfort. Placing a premium on clear communication, he’s prepared to answer any and all questions. He works with surgical-grade magnification to ensure a seamless fit of the signature laboratory work, and his office routinely follows up with patients after all work to make sure they’re satisfied.He’s worked on plenty of movie stars and other celebrities – in fact, he has more film credits than any other dentist, including the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and is acclaimed in the field of Dental Special Effects. (You’ve seen his work in all forms of media, though he doesn’t publicly say who his patients are, due to his strict confidentiality policy.) But he delivers the same expert, friendly care to clients in all walks of lifeIn 1981 Dr. Glassman became the youngest in his class to graduate from the USC Dental School, studying occlusion and gold foil work; he was also the first student in his class to complete his clinical requirements. He followed this rigorous course with further study in Laser Dental Bleaching – studying with the pioneering creator of the Bright Smile Laser Whitening System – and ultimately founded the Beverly Hills Dental Laser Group.He has since been regularly consulted by international media for his expertise, and his clinical results have been hailed by periodontal implant specialists both online and in print. He currently sits on the Health Advisory Board of Chatelaine Magazine, Condé-Nast’s leading Toronto-based lifestyle, health and beauty publication.) He is the co-director of Dentistry at the California Health and Longevity Institute in Westlake Village, California.His charitable work, meanwhile, has included participating in the Cedars Sinai Hospital Division of Dentistry’s outreach to the indigent population of Los Angeles. He is also proud to support the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (which established a special fund in his name), Race to Erase MS and Heart of a Horse, among other worthy causes.

An avid horseman, classically trained guitarist and artist, Dr. Glassman brings plenty of heart, warmth and charm to his work.

With more Motion Picture film credits than any other Dentist worldwide, Rick Glassman (IMDB) has been behind the scenes on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and celebrated smiles.

  1. The Face of Love (2013) [special dental effects for Mr. Ed Harris]
  2. Sweetwater (2013) [special dental effects for Mr. Ed Harris]
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) [additional special effects makeup for Johnny Depp]
  4. Barney’s Version (2010) [dental services: Dustin Hoffman]
  5. Essential Killing (2010) [additional special effects makeup for Vincent Gallo]
  6. The Soloist (2009) [dental special effects: Jamie Foxx] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  7. Public Enemies (2009) [dental special effects: Johnny Depp] (as Rick Glassman D.D.S.)
  8. Alice in Wonderland (2008) [dental special effects: Johnny Depp] (as Dr. Rick Glassman DDS)
  9. Things We Lost in the Fire (2007) [dental special effects: Benicio Del Toro] (as Rick Glassman D.D.S.)
  10. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) [prosthetic dentist for Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) [dental special effects: Johnny Depp] (as Dr. Rick Glassman DDS)
  12. The Black Dahlia (2006) [dental special effects: Josh Harnett] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) [dental special effects: Johnny Depp] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  14. The Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004) [dental special effects: Sean Penn] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) [dental special effects: Johnny Depp] (as Dr. Rick Glassman)
  16. The Pledge (2001) [prosthetic dentistry for Sean Penn, Robin Wright, Benicio Del Toro] (as Dr. Rick Glassman DDS.)
  17. Fight Club (1999) [special dental effects for Brad Pitt]

“Great dentist. If you need bonding that must be color matched…he is your man.  My chipped tooth looks as natural as real.  I can’t recommend him more.”  Jennifer M., Yelp.com