A True Artist

“The absolute best. A true artist in his field. He is not only personable and informative but also a perfectionist in his work. Highly recommended by a fellow perfectionist!”

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“Dentegrity” – that’s how Dr. Rick Glassman describes the thoughtful approach to treatment planning he’s honed during his three decades of practice. This doctrine of dental integrity emphasizes minimally invasive techniques (wherever possible), careful consideration of cosmetic issues, mindfulness of cost and, above all, thorough communication with each patient. That means he’s ready to answer any and all questions.
How does this apply to you? It might mean determining the fewest number of teeth required for the greatest possible enhancement (often without removing precious tooth structure). Or taking steps to alleviate grinding. And following up on every procedure and fitting to ensure patient satisfaction. It also means striving to find the most economical option for each treatment, including treatment plans that are clearly explained up front. Because he’s as concerned about your peace of mind as he is about your oral comfort.